Leave a bottle with your customers and they'll ALWAYS remember YOU!

"HomePro is an amazing product! Our clients love it and frequently ask for refills. It keeps our name in front of our clients and makes it easy for them to call us for cleaning. Our clients wish it was available to them by the gallon."
- Kathy Hammond, Allied Carpet Cleaning

"Our customers love it! It is a nice product and it does everything that you say it’s going to do. Clients call all the time - they want to make sure they can get another bottle of spotter. I have looked at my computer data and I have 60% more repeat customers than I did three years ago before using the HomePro program."
- Keith Aderhold, Clean Enuf 4 Mom

"The HomePro Spotter program is a great customer retention program. Every customer that has received a bottle has been a return customer."
- Robin Cassell, Carolina Carpet Masters

    Benefits of a HomePro spotter program:
  • When your customers use this fantastic spotter, they will see your name and remember you.
  • You will clean for your customers MORE OFTEN. When they clean a spot or spill with HomePro Spotter, it will leave a clean spot on their carpet and they will know it is time to call you again
  • Your customer will call you sooner just because they want some more spotter.
  • Not only will they tell their friends about the great cleaning job you did, but they will also brag about the spotter you left behind.
  • They will use the spotter to treat their clothes for spots and stains - it really works!